The significance perspective has on our lives is an understated knowledge, only fully realized by those who take the time to truly consider the perspectives of others. Moreover, it can only be realized when a person applies those considerations to the way they interact with others. We all know that culture, race, religion, social status, economic status, prejudices, abuses, addiction, mental health, and physical health are just a few of the factors that contribute to a person’s viewpoint. What many people fail to comprehend is the longevity of these experiences and the significance they have on our lives. Perspective is malleable. Every experience a person has (good or bad) continuously molds their perspective. A person has no choice but to apply new experiences to their existing perspectives and adjust accordingly. This means that every experience we have is indelibly linked to our social, political, and religious beliefs. However, it also means we all have an inalienable right to change our perspectives, to adjust to this life as we see fit. While we can agree or disagree with others, we are humanly incapable of viewing a situation with the same perspective as someone else. This means we must learn to accept the fact that there is no correct answer; there is no single truth – we each have our own truth.

The perspective within this blog is mine. It is the result of my 38 years of challenges and triumphs. However, I reserve the right to learn and change these views as I grow as a person.

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